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  1. Consultation Meetings (Free - $25/hour)
    The first meeting is always free! Additional meetings are priced depending on travel distance and the nature of the meeting. Travel does not apply if I need to travel to that location for on-site work that day. Maximum travel distance is 2.5 hours from Appleton, WI. Meetings in Appleton, WI that are not free are $8/hour - $12/hour.
  2. Database Design ($14/hour - $20/hour)
    Don't settle for a database that prevents you from doing everything you want to do. I have extensive experience setting up access databases to tracking client information, billing, sales, inventory, and employee information. I will to work with you to create the database that best fits your needs.
  3. Spreadsheet Design ($11/hour - $17/hour)
    Spreadsheets can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. They can include pivot tables, they can be used for mail merge and email, and so much more. Let me help you set up the spreadsheet that is right for you.
  4. Digitalizing Paper Documents ($10/hour - $16/hour)
    Paper documents can be destroyed in a disaster or even just fade with the passage of time. With access to the cloud, you can preserve paper documents of any kind from bad luck and aging permanently. You can also convert them so that they are accessible and searchable in Microsoft Word.
  5. Software Research Support ($8/hour - $14/hour)
    I will work hard researching your software options to find the software that fits your needs and your budget. Don't purchase software blind. There are a lot of options available and I will help you avoid confusion and costly purchasing mistakes.
  6. Setting Up & Maintaining QuickBooks ($12-$13/hour)
    I have an Associate's Degree in Accounting and I am very experienced in QuickBooks. I will setup your QuickBooks in a timely manner, even if your entry into QuickBooks is 18 months behind the current date, and I will come in once a month to enter your financial data into QuickBooks as long as you are in need of my services.
  7. Data Entry ($10/hour - $14/hour)
    Not only will I design your database and/or spreadsheet, I will either import or manually enter your original data. If all you need is to get caught up on your data entry or need someone to update the data in your current system, I can do that too.
  8. Data Management (Prices Vary Upon Complexity)
    I will help you manage your data, by determining what solution is best to capture and maintain your information. What reports you need, and how to maintain data quality through both tools and procedures.
  9. Data Tracking (Prices Vary Upon Complexity)
    I will help you find the best way to track your data with the software that fits you best, whether that's software you already own or other software that will better fit your needs at a better price. No data tracking job is too large or too small.